I found it interesting reading the notes on “working to a brief”, getting some understanding of how to respond to a brief, but I didn’t enjoy the exercise really.

Brief 1. and 3. (Quaker Oats and underage drinking) I found it harder than I expected to apply the questions I had just read about to the 2 briefs. I guess part of that is the time lag in taking in new information, understanding it and then putting it into practice. I also found it hard to feel really engaged with either of the briefs, I just wasn’t very interested in either.

Brief 2 (Connections) I really struggled to apply the What? Where? etc questions to this brief. I found it really quite terrifying in its vagueness and broad scope. However it was the one I found myself mulling over later. Initally I felt completely clueless about it but later having drawn a mind map I felt I had more idea of how I might tackle it. I still felt very intimidated by the brief but I guess  I would ultimately most like to tackle this one, it was the only one that actually engaged me although I wouldn’t have any confidence in my ability to do it.


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