I started this exercise going through the motions with a community garden theme, however then a neighbour told me about a plan to have a street party for the royal wedding. This really energised me and i suddenly had loads of ideas jostling in my head. I put a note through the neighbours’ door offering my services if they want leaflets or posters but have yet to hear if they do. Either way I will do the next 2 exercises on this theme.

Primary research:

I picked up some leaflets from the local library and tourist office. The most common form is the A4 folded into 3, they have racks designed for this size. If not folded in 3 then a folded into 2 or a single sheet, in which case the paper was thicker, even card. Apart from this there were some booklets.

As these leaflets will be pushed through local letter boxes I felt I didn’t need to stick to this format

One of my early ideas was a child’s game, a number changer (shown above) but I went off the idea when I couldn’t remember how to make it and I also realised it was impractical for posting.

I ended with 2 ideas which I made mockups of:

  1. a sheet of A4 folded in a concertina with an image of bunting across the top.
  2. a sheet of A3 cut to a square then folded in such a way to form a Union Jack when closed but open forms a different pattern. This worked well as a mockup although was a bit fiddly to put together.

Actually doing a mockup was essential really in order to properly see how they worked or not.

At this point my neighbour called round to discuss my offer.

On the positive side he felt the organisers would be interested in my involvement designwise and he liked the mockups.

On the negative side he thought they didn’t want union jacks as a theme, they were thinking more of tickets than leaflets and he took my mockups away to show the organisers when ideally I would have liked to go to a meeting to “sell” my ideas myself.

My initial reaction to this was irritation and I thought they were idiots (Union Jacks, so obviously the ideal theme for a Royal street party!)

On reflection I decided this was a good learning experience for working with clients and the frustrations that must go with it so I did another design based on a mock wedding invitation, the main colours being grey and yellow orange, but trying to keep the content playful and lighthearted. As the area I live in is known as “the Duchy” I used the logo from “Duchy originals” , calling it (NOT) DUCHY ORIGINALS, so keeping the royal theme but trying to be tongue in cheek.

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