One of my main motivations for doing this course was to get to grips with software such as Illustrator. So far I done a mixture of trying to turn my hand worked images into something on the computer, watching youtube tutorials, reading the manual and typing desperate questions on Google.


Gradually I am getting some sense of how it works. My initial problems were being literally unable to get started. In many ways it is not a very intuitive programme and a lack of understanding at a very basic level meant that I had to watch the youtube tutorials very carefully to see EXACTLY which icon they clicked on. Once off the ground things slipped more into place and I actually enjoyed the process (as opposed to feeling totally frustrated, pressed up against a blank wall).


Now I am on the nursery slopes I am lifting my head a bit and having a look around. I realise that the uses of this sort of software must run into millions. I’m never going to be really into it, I can understand how people could get really blown away by it all but for me it is only ever going to be a tool, a means to an end. That said, when I can get it to do something I want it is very satisfying. Feedback from my tutor reinforced this and confirmed for me that however frustrating I don’t want to go on an actual course.


So, so far I’ve done a bit of work with illustrator, next I need to have a go at InDesign and using Adobe Bridge.



One thought on “learning the software

  1. Like the site. Good to see you’re keeping positive about the software. I signed up for the same course in October and it took me 2 months to get my head around Illustrator and Photoshop – like learning a foreign language. However, it is good when you start being able to put your ideas into practice and I think you’re right – it is just a tool, it should serve your purposes, not the other way round.

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