I have had some feedback from the organisers of the party about my leaflet ideas. They are keen to go with the first idea, the concertina folded/ bunting one. I got some firmer details of what information they wanted added too so I have been playing around on Illustrator and InDesign. (Many hours later…)
The first issue I noticed was that too much information looked cluttered so I decided to put a minimum of information on the front, the more boring details on the back. When I printed the design off I discovered that the flags showed through, obscuring the words on the back, even using a better quality paper. I therefore moved the words down.

back of leaflet

I will now await more feedback from the organisers.
I am still not happy myself with various bits. I would like to lighten the black lines, I think I’ve lost some of the lighthearted look of the original mockup. I also want to redraw the map, but I think I’ll wait and make any changes at the same time.

Things I have learned from this:
I’ve improved a lot on the software, working in illustrator then moving across to indesign. It has been a steep learning curve but satisfying when things finally fell into place.
It has been slightly frustrating working for other people, not getting back to me when they said they would, also being removed from the decision making process. Apparently I am also difficult to contact, so that is something I must deal with!


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