Having been told on the phone that there wasn’t much to change it now seems I am going to have to do a radical rethink. Firstly there was a lot more information that they wanted on the leaflet, secondly there were suggestions that I add a picture of Kate and Wills plus little icons of notes around the words, to “jazz it up”. Whilst I thought the suggestions were ludicrous I could see where they were coming from, the leaflet didn’t look fun enough, in going from the handdrawn original to the printed version it had lost something.

I felt that I was being asked to do 2 conflicting things, firstly a fun invite to get people to come and secondly provide a lot of information and also some rather bossy rules (take your litter home).

I have emailed my contact, Simon with a suggestion that we separate the 2. In the meantime I will work on redoing the main leaflet to look more lively.

Have worked hard on this this weekend to get a useable result. Am pleased with the end result:


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