Well after all my hard work over the weekend I was a bit crestfallen to get a message from Simon that we needed to meet to discuss more changes. I was disappointed that they were not more appreciative of what I had done.

I met with Simon and I spent the morning making the changes, at least it didn’t take me too long.

What have I learnt from all this?

It’s certainly been a good way to learn how to use Illustrator and InDesign, it has pushed me forward a long way, there’s nothing like having to work out how to do something. Towards the end it became much easier and enjoyable, like doing a jigsaw, absorbing and fairly satisfying.


I think the hardest lessons have been about the experience of working to a brief, with a deadline with clients, although obviously I had volunteered for this I wanted to be as professional as possible. Interestingly Simon had experience in Marketing and he compared it his work experiences, saying that he would have given an agency his idea then they would have got back with 6 different versions and he would have selected one. Part of the difficulty here was that the committee was very indecisive and kept adding things in. He said that if they had been paying they would have decided much quicker!


I recognised that I was emotionally bound up in my efforts, wanting  praise and appreciation for my work. I had put myself forward to do this despite not being sure if I could do it, and having done  it I was really wanting positive feedback.  I told Simon in an email I was hoping for a “pat on the back” and belatedly I did get some more appreciative comments. So, an interesting insight into what motivates me and what doesn’t!


I noticed that I was very focused on the images whereas the feedback was mainly around the text and the font both of which I wasn’t as interested in. If I had done the typography section I would have had more idea of this area.


I’m not sure how easy I was to work with, I had strong views of my own and was very reluctant to put in stuff I didn’t agree with although as this is a community event you would expect everyone to have their own opinion about how to run it.

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