Since I started the course I have evolved some ways of working which I have found helpful. I found myself often feeling very muddled about which bit I should be doing next. For instance I would complete an exercise, then suddenly remember that I needed to post images on the website and do the learning blog. In the end I drew out a picture of myself juggling balls in the air as a way of expressing my muddle but since I drew it I actually found myself referring to it to remind myself of what to do next.


I’ve also found that I jump around a lot instead of working through in a linear fashion. I found myself reading ahead and at the moment I have 3 exercises at various stages and have started thinking about the next assignment. In order to keep track I have put a list up with each one, how far I’ve got and a rough deadline.


I suppose this is an advantage of working at one’s own pace.


The final thing I decided today was to keep a time log to try and keep more track of how much time I am spending on things.


Last week I spent quite a lot of time sorting out files, I’m keeping a paper record of my blog  and also needed to put all files in folders on the computer. Doing that helped me feel less muddled too.


Being more professional:

People need to be able to contact me, we don’t have an answer machine but I do have a mobile, I should be quicker to give people my number.

I need to check my email daily, every morning would be good.


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