I presented the brief to a group (some of the family at tea) and asked for comments. The keywords were





I wanted to reflect the children walking to school past the shop and draw both them and their parents in.


I was a bit nervous doing this, as was the family, as I am not known for handling criticism well. However it actually went better than expected and was more useful than I thought it would be. These are the notes I made:


They liked the overall concept


Suggested changes: background too dark

wording bigger and to try different colours

various suggestions about wording, reflecting both posters.


Interestingly I found it less personal than criticism of paintings. It helped that they liked the overall idea, it struck me that when it “works” people have little to comment on but the bits that didn’t generated lots of suggestions and argument amongst themselves with no consensus. Again this didn’t feel personal so was easy to listen to, make notes of ideas to try.




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