As soon as I read the details for the fruit and veg exercise an image came into my head of a fruit shop I remembered from childhood with a big cut out image of an apple suspended in the shop. That stuck with me all the way through working through the brief.

I decided that the main target audience was the parents walking their children to school so I wanted an image which reminded parents of the health benefits of fruit and veg but at the same time was fun and appealing to the children.

I decided the wording would be around the healthy eating campaign of “5 a day” as this is something already well known.


I played around with various ideas, ways of displaying the fruit and veg till I settled on the idea of the fruit being children walking to school.

I got some pictures of fruit off the internet to remind me of the basic shapes and then drew out some sketches. I scanned these into the computer and then started to work in Illustrator.

Straightaway I realised I had a problem. I had drawn out 5 fruit in a row but working in A sizes my design was too long. In the real world I would have gone back to the client to discuss this. Were the dimensions fixed or was it just a guide?  I took some photos of a local greengrocers to use as a guide and also decided to make an actual size mockup to see how it worked visibilitywise.


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