Card 1

I made a thumbnail of this card which I liked and decided to work from.


However as I worked on the card I found that I couldn’t use the words I had first thought of  “sorry to hear of the death of your mother…but she wasn’t very nice and made your lives a misery”. I found that any humour in the situation just seemed to drain away, the more I worked on the card the worse it got and the visual research I had done seemed to make it worse, bringing to my attention the macabre and creepy aspects which wasn’t what I was aiming for. I also seemed unable to get it to work visually, once I had lost any feeling of humour the card wouldn’t work on any level. At this stage I decided to move onto another couple of ideas, leaving card 1 as a lost cause. These are the two final versions but I wasn’t actually happy with either.



On the positive side I liked the scanned image I used for the background (a monoprint). I wanted a bleak wintery but ambiguous landscape, and I learnt a new bit on illustrator to do the coffin pattern although I didn’t use them in the final image.

When I showed this card to other people their comments were that it wasn’t funny, the landscape and figure were so ambiguous that they weren’t clear what they were looking at.



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