The first issue was how much I worried about this assignment, I’m hoping that I will get a bit more blase about it all as I continue through the course. It was really good to have a deadline to work to as it helped me focus more, especially towards the end when I would have liked to go back and fiddle with things, or even completely redo stuff.

I found doing a mood board an interesting exercise, I really struggled with myself over it, feeling I was wasting time but in the end I was pleased I had taken time to look through stuff, even if it didn’t alter my basic ideas at all I think it made the designs richer.

It has been interesting doing an assignment and not feeling satisfied with the work I have produced. I feel fairly philosophical about it, I am always saying that “you learn far more when things go wrong”  although obviously I would have preferred it to go better! I suppose the most obvious lesson here was that there are some subjects it is harder to make funny than others.

Having looked through some of the other blogs to see how other people tackled the assignment, I particularily liked Emil’s cards.

I think that I spent too long doing the leaflet for the street party and so ran out of time with the cards, I wasn’t left enough time to “go back to the drawing board” when my original idea didn’t work out. I suppose I could have extended my deadline but it also felt important to try to stick to that.


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