Having already done a colour course and spent many hours painting colour squares I used my time getting to grips with the colour swatches and colour guides on Illustrator.

Reflecting on feedback

The first thing I noted was how comprehensive the feedback was, not just on the assignment but on all the exercises. I found that very encouraging as it means that everything is not just focused on one thing, especially as I felt that I hadn’t done my best work in the greeting cards exercise. Overall I found my tutor’s comments helpful and encouraging.

Doing the first section of the course has been a huge learning curve, getting to grips with the software and learning how to follow a brief in a logical, ordered way within a timescale have been really big issues and so having completed the section with a day to spare was a great relief, I now know I’m doing more or less the right things within the right timescale.

There were a couple of interesting comments, firstly about how using a very loose style of drawing can look unfinished, so being aware of the text and framing to pull it together. That’s definitely something to be aware of.

Secondly humour, it is very important to me and I am really keen to bring it into my work, this is a new thing for me and part of my motivation in moving away from fine art. I do feel a bit uncertain though, aware that like everything else I need more practise.

Thirdly a query about my sketch books led me to review how I’ve been using them over the past 10 years or so and the changes I’ve experienced.

As a secondary source of feedback I have been looking at a couple of other student blogs to compare what I’ve just done with how they tackled a particular exercise. It always amazes me how different everyone is, yet how you soon start to recognise someone’s style.


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