(continued from previous 2 posts)

starting to stick stuff in

It was at this stage that I started doing the Graphics course at the OCA. I read the section on keeping a sketchbook which reinforced the way I was already going, starting to stick things in as well as adding text and comments.

I then began the visual diary exercise. As suggested in the exercise I started collecting things that caught my eye. I collected book covers, food packaging, pictures from magazines and newspapers, CD covers and reference pictures and cards I’d already collected. I also held onto any other bits and pieces I came across (paper napkins etc). By this time I was completely snowed under with stuff. I was still not entirely comfortable with sticking stuff into my books, they had the feel of alien invaders and I wanted to work on top of them to make them more mine. As a way of dealing with it all I decided to categorise it first as to what appealed to me. I came up with the following categories and usually an item would be in one or more:

aerial views/maps or unusual viewpoint/angle

strong colour



people (faces, posture, expression)

simple dramatic image/ emptiness

pattern / decoration

line drawings


Now I’ve decided to keep a visual scrap box rather than a diary, that way I can slowly absorb things into my sketch books rather than being overwhelmed with them. I’ve never really “got” collage before, but after sticking things in I’m getting more of a feel for it. I think this exercise is going to have a long term impact on my sketch books and the attentiveness I pay to magazines etc in the outside world.


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