(continued from previous post) This led to the next stage as I started to think about doing illustration. I decided to improve my drawing skills by increasing the time I spent drawing, as opposed to painting. This led to a big increase in sketch book use.  I started using throw away scraps of paper to practice on, drawing while watching the t.v. I also regularly went out to draw, mainly in cafes. I found this incredibly hard at first and had to battle with huge selfconciousness. With time however this got easier. I found the books by Walt Stanchfield, notes from life classes set up by Disney, quite inspirational.

I also started a separate daily visual journal, this was in order to move away from just observational drawing. I kept this up for 3 months, the drawings weren’t great but I felt it was a step in the right direction.

My observational drawing took a jump forward at the end of 2009.

drawing shifts forward

In 2010 I read a book about the working process “How to be an artist” by Michael Atavar. I found it a very useful read, with a lot of food for thought. The section on keeping a note/ sketchbook encouraged me to recognise the value of my books,  adding more text, dating work and to make them more of a journal.

drawing shifts

By autumn 2010 I had a variety of filled books.  I was intending to work back into them in the way I had done previously but instead I got distracted by the idea of doing monoprints. Over a prolonged period I started printing back over pages. It is a very slow process  and I feel I am still in the middle of it

printing experiments

printing experiments

printing experiments


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