From the moment I read this I was excited about this exercise. I started by finding images on the internet for each place, I already had a vague idea what I wanted to do and I as I worked I pursued it and crystallised it. I saw the books as a set, so wanted to do them all the same way.

Research and Analysis:

I collected photographs of each city to give me ideas on colours and building shapes. In each case a particular photo became a template for the final design.

To choose the colours  for each city I looked up the climate for each place, thinking of them as hot/ cool /tropical etc. It also became significant if they were a port or on the water front.

In trying to get a general impression of the buildings it occurred to me to see if each place had some obvious landmark and I then based the design on this shape.


For each city I constructed a triad of colours on illustrator that I was going to use. I blended the 3 colours to give 9 in total and used only those colours. As it worked out I ended up using less colours even than the 9 mixed.

thumbnail sketches

Working on the images:

I worked up the images on illustrator. My original idea was to have blocks of subordinate colour running behind the main image. I wanted to make the text the main focus of the image, having become aware of how it has always been an afterthought in previous exercises. However as I worked on the images I found I was taking more and more colours  out and that the background colour blocks were distracting and unnecessary.

I also found that the image for each book crystallised on one main landmark for each city.


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