I have stepped into the whole new world of typography.

I am just about getting my bearings and am starting to recognise some basic font types now. I was a complete type novice before and it has been another steep learning curve.

I have read “ Type: the secret history of letters” by Simon Loxley, a bit dry but ok and “Just my Type” by Simon Garfield, which was easier reading but it was useful to have the chronological facts already under my belt.

I am mortified to discover I used a much maligned font for my leaflet (Papyrus).

In my defence;

it was the suggestion of one of the committee,

I thought it was “naff” but certainly didn’t have any other ideas, the only font I knew at the time was Times New Roman.

Funnily enough I still haven’t come across anything yet that I feel would have been a good alternative, I’ll keep looking. It could have been worse I guess,  I could have used Comic Sans.

Research Point

Whilst it was interesting to learn about type and all the different fonts, I am not particularly interested in any special aspect. After flicking through another type book (Typography Workbook by T. Samara) I decided to look at “type used as image.

He describes the following catgories:









I am going to look out for examples of these over the next few weeks.


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