My tutor suggested that my design interest fell into the Modernist and International School which was interesting to hear. He suggested that I continue looking into designers which I will do. I think I would like to explore a bit more about Japanese designers. My interest was sparked by a Taschen book “Japanese Graphics Now!”, so I’ll use that as a starting point.


Thoughts on my working process: I’ve definitely noticed that creative ideas don’t necessarily come sat at the desk and to date, very rarely sat at the computer. I’ve also noticed that boredom can be a useful tool. I get bored quite quickly so have to jump around from task to task which means it can take longer to finish a task but on the plus side if I am getting bored it is sometimes a signal to take an idea in a different direction.


Sketch books:  it was interesting to see my tutor’s on line images, it is always a pleasure to see someone else’s sketch book, more so than finished work often. I have been working on top of the printed material in mine with felt pens, after the comment about black outlines  I have been having a rethink about that as I am very addicted to it. Maybe using line in a different colour?


Photomontage : I would certainly have been more comfortable using “worked on” material rather than just photos. I may try using more photographic material generally.


Final pictures: I agreed about the comments on version 1, I wasn’t happy with the wording either.

Version 2,  the comments actually mirrored some of the critique I got, some people preferring this one but I wasn’t quite happy with the wording on the board.

Version 3 I was pretty happy with.



Suggested reading: Zuzano Licko. I will look her up, I don’t think I am going to be a real typophile but she sounds fun.


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