Big Issue

Main headlines and title:

This was in a slab serif font. When I went through identifont it came out as AMASIS but that wasn’t quite right. when I looked through the list of similar fonts I came up with MELIOR which seemed a good match


Smaller headlines:

This was in a sans serif font. This came up as DAX which seemed a good match.


Text body:

This was a serif font . I thought this was the same as the title and it came out as MELIOR as well.


Sky Magazine

Main title was a separate font, maybe a specially designed logo.

Titles, heading and quite a lot of text was in a sans serif font called OMNES. It gave the magazine a low brow, simplistic feel, it felt like a series of adverts which it is really.

Body of text for longer interviews was a serif font which was GALLIARD PRO



Typographic Jigsaw Puzzle

I managed this with a bit of fiddling around.



I have learnt a lot about typefaces doing this and the previous task, I am certainly more appreciative of the tiny differences between them. At the beginning I found it very hard indeed to look at the different fonts in the newspaper in order to identify them and initially got very muddled. I had never appreciated how different fonts are used throughout a publication, I had assumed they would all be the same font just different sizes or in bold. The fact that the adverts are in different fonts again also confused me and when looking for letters I could see how at small sizes bits of serifs could be lost in the printing process. I also found it slightly addictive, wanting to look up lots of fonts, which was quite time consuming.



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