I found this exercise very challenging. Right at the start the instruction was to divide the pile of literature into “easy to read” and “not easy to read”. I actually struggled with this believe it or not. I found that before I properly looked at the text I already had an expectation of which pile a magazine would go into. I realised that this was based on the content and familiarity, the newspaper I read daily I find “easy to read”. In fact I remember various style changes in the past, how upset (even outraged!) I would feel on that first day and then over time how comfortable and easy the new style becomes.

In contrast, magazines which I had no interest in I found “difficult” to read, if my interest was engaged I found almost anything “easy” to read and it has been a great time waster doing this exercise as I have found myself reading all sorts of articles by accident.

In the end I picked a page from the newspaper and worked on that. Another (not quite as steep as before) learning curve. I spent hours doing this exercise, it reminded me of doing a large jigsaw puzzle, slowly piecing it together. I learned (the hard way) that using layers would have been a good idea and that the little insignificant dividing lines would have been useful to put in at the begininng as a framework, rather than trying to add them at the very end.

Once I finished  I noticed some glaring mistakes but I left them as I needed to move onto the next exercise, these exercises which seem straightforward have taken me hours to complete.


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