One of the problems I had with this section was that over the years I had become a very quick efficient reader and  since starting to seriously explore visual arts over 10 years ago I  had to conciously stop myself reading information by the side of pictures in galleries, to allow myself time to explore visually rather than quickly snatch “relevant” information and move on, missing the actual picture along with the point. Eleven years on I had got a lot better at looking but had become almost “type blind”.


I was aware of having a blindspot and had struggled with the trend in contemporary art for including words in works of art, or even words which were the entire work of art and part of my motivation in doing Graphics was to explore Type. When I started the sensation was of putting one’s head down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland, very intriguing but bewildering.


This assignment took me a long time to get my head round. I found it a real struggle using text and images together in the layout, I seemed to only be able to concentrate on one thing at once, I couldn’t get the design visualised as a whole. Using sketchs helped and finally I worked out that I should layout the design of the page and fit the text around the shape of that.


Part of the brief for this assignment was to show what I have learned in this section, one of the things I have learned is how little I know, what a vast and complex subject it is, so I decided to make this the content of the text and then use the design and layout to demonstrate what I had learned.



I used Gill Sans for the main headings and titles, altering the kerning and leading where I felt was appropriate. The body text was in Caslon point size 10.

I used my own illustrations and repeated the colour from them through the article.

Most of the text paragraphs were left justified but I right justified one of the paragraphs so that the white space could flow off the page with the question marks.



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