Having started out with a fairly clear idea of what I wanted to achieve, although I liked the design in itself I don’t think it worked for the book. The design was striking and clear but it didn’t express the “feel” of the book.When I showed it to my “panel of experts” for a critique they all preferred the illustration design.

I decided to rework it but then started to run into problems. The main issue became  that my designs resembled previous book covers too much, using hand drawn letters had avoided this problem. After a lot of trial and error I finally  came up with a design I felt happy with.

I scanned in old pages of typewritten notes to use as a background and then used the Courier font to resemble the pages, all to give the impression of boring government documents from the cold war era.  I then used Top Secret as a font for the “Spy” to resemble a stamp. At the last moment I decided Courier was too heavy and changed to Courier New which has a lighter outline.

Unsatisfactory version

Final version


2 thoughts on “Judging a book by it’s cover- Type version

  1. I love your final version, very effective. Christopher Brookmyre is a great writer – have you read any of his books? Clever, gruesome and funny.

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