Or how I never get what I expect from an exhibition but often end up with something different.

When I started to think about assessment I suddenly realised that the ideal thing would have been to make notes and blog at the time, giving a thoughtful, considered, intelligent appraisal of each. Too late now.

So what I’m going to put down is a fragmentary account from what I remember and the real “thing” I got out of visiting these exhibitions.

Hepworth Gallery in May 2011

Sculpture is not especially my thing but the building definitely was! Even on a grey day in Wakefield. I enjoyed everything about it; the entrance over the bridge over the canal, the view from the windows over the weir, the interior. I spent more time in this exhibition looking out of the window than I did looking at the exhibits.

Leeds Met Graphic Design Show +

Leeds College of Art show in June 2011

These were a week apart and now, many months later, rather blurred into one in my memory. The thing I remember most about Leeds Met was another great building, the new “rusty” Broadcasting Place, with great views inside over the urban landscape, the busy roads below. For the first time I “got” the exhibition, having been to previous graphic design degree shows before and been a bit baffled. Now as a student myself I understood more of the framework in which the work existed.

At the Leeds College Of Art show, I went to the private view so my lasting impression was of pushing down very crowded corridors wondering where everyone else had got their drinks from. I never found out.

“Private views” are great for a party but not to go to see work.

Despite not really remembering the work it was a significant occasion for me however, for meeting up with another OCA student which has since lead onto collaborative work.

Where did everyone else get their drinks?

The start of a collaboration


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