I was still slightly disatisfied with the first plan so I did a second one for fun. In this I abandoned the structure of the floor plan and the idea of any external boundaries. Cats do have territories but I don’t believe they correspond to the human physical boundaries which we recognise. I think doorways/ openings are quite significant so included them.I also wanted to include more aspects that reflected the reality of our cat’s habits, both pleasant and unpleasant. (We have a very neurotic cat which handles change of routine badly. It helps guests feel at home by vomiting outside their bedroom door. The only visitor it has ever welcomed with open paws was a handsome young policeman after we had been burgaled. She would not stop rubbing up against his stab vest. Frankly I didn’t know where to look. Bizarre).

I really like the second map. When I got the maps critiqued people liked the key in the first map and thought it was the more useful one but liked the fun of the second.

I used Mary Jane Tankard for the title, centabel book for the smaller text.

version 2

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