This seemingly straight forward exercise has given me loads of trouble. My initial problem was that in trying to make an attractive poster it became far too complicated. Having decided roughly how it should look, by the time I had half the information on it I would want to alter the design again which was very time consuming. In the end I reread the exercise and decided that the mistake I was making was that I should be concentrating on making a FORM rather than a poster. I used a DVLA form for inspiration, using a blue background with white boxes, Helvetica font for legibility. The thing finally fell more into place then but I still really struggle with tasks that involve accuracy and fine detail. Even now the little grey boxes are not identical or completely lined up.

I arranged the months in the way I visualise the year which I now realise is perhaps a bit idiosyncratic, the year rotating anticlockwise.

At the end of the day I am moderately pleased with it, it does the job and I think I will actually use it as a reminder. Maybe should have changed the blue colour….

early ideas

abandoned list

Final list


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