For this last assignment, I’ve made a start but for the last section I”ve been waiting for inspiration to arrive.

On previous assignments it had always come (after a little wait).

This time when it did come it was the equivalent of a big empty cardboard box with a couple of random items in the bottom and a note saying “using the items enclosed to build your own imaginative construction” . What happened to the preassembled, oven ready version???

I’ve been slogging away with thin materials for a few days and it is like dragging mud up a hill in a sack. I’ve had this feeling before so I’m going to leave it a day and then sneak back. In the past it sometimes assembles itself a bit more in the gap. (Sometimes it doesn’t in which case it’s back to the sack and the hill, a few inches at a time)

In the meantime, my thoughts on scaffolders. They’re still feral aren’t they? We’re having work done and apart from the mess, the noise, upheaval etc, I quite enjoy having the builders round, always ready for a chat.

But the scaffolders are a seperate tribe. They love a laugh and a joke all right, but not with you, the householder. They arrive, throw up the metalwork around the house and leave, generally with no acknowledgement of human life inside the house. One asked for some coffee yesterday so maybe there are some signs of taming, but why was half his ear missing?

I’ve been thinking overnight about “scaffolders and inspiration”. Joking aside, this course has been all about dealing with the “scary stuff” outside my comfort zone. In my case, and I’m sure for lots of others it has been coming to terms with technology and exposure; blogging, websites and computer programmes. What I hadn’t quite realised was that these aren’t just hurdles but actually are a vital part of the process.

I need to embrace my scaffolders, acknowledge the vital and trustworthy job they do and get over my fearfulness!


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