Putting in for assessment

A lot of printing off, label attaching and trying to get stuff in order.

One big job was trying to get my sketch books in order and cross referenced with the work. That’s been a joke. I’ve worked in a variety of books, jumped around all over the place. In the end I have resorted to cutting pages out and sticking them back in different books. They are all a big jumbly mess with all the cutting and sticking. Sadly they reflect the inside of my head much more than the neatly printed off blog. I think I just don’t have the neatness to be a proper grown up graphic designer, however much fun I’ve had.

1 year 5 months in total, yes there have been moments when I have felt sick of the sight of it (and the computer) but overall it’s been great, I’ve learnt loads, improved skills and really enjoyed myself,  so now, onwards and upwards!


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