Pick me up, Graphics Art Festival 2014, at Somerset House, Study Visit or Is this my tribe?pick me up


Well this was an interesting visit, but maybe not in the way I was anticipating. The exhibition itself was a bit muddled in the sense that it billed itself as a graphic design event but really was all Illustration. The ground floor had the work of a group of invited, showcased Illustrators. The next floor had almost the equivalent of market stall areas of a variety of illustrators, then there were rooms with illustrator collectives.

The ground floor invited you to admire individual’s work, the middle invited you to join in and play, the collectives invited you to use their group for your professional work.

I enjoyed looking around, admired the work, the skills, the variety, the professionalism of the collectives, so why did I come away feeling rather flat? There were a lot of young art student types wandering around, taking photos and generally interacting with the exhibition, I came away having forgotten to take any photos and not feeling part of it. I was surprised about this, I have been intending to do Illustration for a long time, I knew I wasn’t a painter, a graphic designer, a textile artist, I thought I was an Illustrator, but here I was, not feeling part of the tribe.


I’m not expecting to find the answer to this just now, I still feel I am a “Visual Communicator” so that will have to be good enough for now.


On a seperate note, the highlight for me was having a talk by Derek Brazell from the Association of Illustrators but also an editor of Varoom and being able to ask him some questions about the format, which I found a bit confusing.

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