I chose an article by Caitlin Moran. I summarised the entire article into the sentence “When my husband and children go away I start to behave strangely”.  She conjured up quite a few images which I could have used as an illustration. At first I felt I had to somehow include them all but then I realised that having drawn a very vivid verbal picture I could keep the illustration simple. I decided as Caitlin has a very recognisable face I would use a photocollage in this instance, distorting her face to make her look “strange”. In the event I found far more photographs of Caitlin pulling faces than “straight” photos, which fitted with the ethos of the article. I used a strange-looking cat to increase the level of strangeness.

Overall I was moderately pleased with the image. I think it is fairly ambiguous, it looks humourous rather than scary, she could be waving goodbye or trying to get out.Catlin at door


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