Imagined brief:

The illustration is to be part of a series of disposable paper placemats, to be used in all our restaurants nationally. The illustration must fit with the Wagama house style which is contemporary, Japanese, minimalist.

We wish to showcase the new range of summer dishes which we are a bringing out. We want the illustration to be visually appealing, to encourage people to try new dishes. Our target audience is all ages, from children to older ages. We want the illustration to be fun and playful as well as stylish so that the customer is encouraged not intimidated. We want to emphasise the freshness of the ingredients and healthiness of the menu. From the illustration the customer should have a good idea of what the ingredients are in each dish shown.

There will be a small amount of text, the “WAGAMA” logo, the name of the dish identified and also a tie in with social media, encouraging people to engage with the brand.



The more I looked at this place mat, the cleverer it seemed. I am a big fan of Japanese style and this manages to be very simple yet convey a lot of information. I like the way the ingredients are arranged so attractively around the plate. The chicken, the least visually appealing part of the meal is not shown, except in the cooked dish in the centre. Instead the illustrator has concentrated on the shapes of the cut vegetables which can be cut into simple, visually appealing forms. Each piece looks almost attractive enough to pick up off the page and eat. The cooked dish, which has less visual appeal is kept to a small central area.


The only distortion appropriate for this illustration would be in making the food look as good as possible, the brief requires the image to be as transparent and honest looking as possible, so photography is the best tool for the job.


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