Overall comments

“You leap to the final conclusion too soon in the process” 

As I started this module I was very concious of time scale and there is a danger I will be rushing to get the boxes ticked with out really exploring things. I’m glad this has come up right away so I can bear it in mind.


“experimental and personal approach ”

 yes, that’s me, I will want to keep pushing at this. It is what fuels my engine.

mad scientist


“Sketchbook issues”

Each module I have done so far I have followed a similar pattern. My personal sketchbook has gone to one side as I struggle to find a way in. At the moment I have fallen out of love with my sketch books. Putting my black pens to one side has put a halt to me using them. I’m still struggling a bit with the drawing issue (my level of drawing not being “ggod enough”) One of the really good bits I picked up in textiles was making images in a different way, using other ways of making marks, I want to ignore my doubts and just move forward.


“Don’t try to analyse everything you do”

Had to laugh at this. See above. As a former psychiatrist you may as well tell a fish to stop swimming. What I need to do really is to stop thinking in my head and start thinking on the page.

mad scientist 1



Assignment 1


“Create imagery from all sorts of material”

yes, I am very interested in exploring this.

More research into model makers. As well as Morph, I think Nick Park would be good to look into.


“visual and technical skills”

I was very aware making the card how I struggled with this and have enlisted the help of a photographer friend to give me advice on setting up shots and how to work the camera.



So, stop over analysing, relax, make a mess, enjoy, research stuff, don’t rush too much.


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