I chose a cupcake to draw. In the event this exercise ended up as an exploration of drawing as on fabric with a little foray into 3D.

My starting point was some of the mark making which I had revisited from textiles.

Bleach, stains and rubbings:

Ink stains and copic markers

Ink stains and copic markers

Ink, copic markers on satin

Ink, copic markers on satin


All these techniques were good for background effects, adding pattern, colour and texture to an image, bleach in particular is very hard to control. They work better in this way than as a detailed drawing tool.

Using copic markers on fabric were my favourite. They are a good halfway house in being controlled and random. I was able to draw fairly accurate marks, yet there was also a fairly controlled bleed, on both surfaces, which adds a really nice looseness.

I really like using fabric because of the bleed which is more extensive than with paper and for example on satin, follows the grain of the fabric.





In the past have used printing as a way of adding pattern and texture but I made a discovery doing this exercise, that I was able to use a foam-like sheet to make indented marks which I could then print from. This is a technique I would really like to use again as it was like a very quick version of lino printing or wood cut.

Using machine stitch as mark making:stitch

I enjoyed using this as a technique but I am still not very skilled using a sewing machine and so the image has to be fairly large and simple. (Hand stitching would not be an option for me as it is so slow)


I was pleased with this version, using spray paints and stencils. The reverse worked better than the top version.


I tried making indented marks on cardboard and foam board with limited success but was pleased with a paper pleated version. I constructed this using methods learned on a workshop with 2 artists working with paper, Richard Sweeney and Andrew Singleton.


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