The adjectives I wanted to portray were youthful and relaxed. I decided to make a model. I started by crumpling pieces of paper to make an armature but then quickly switched to using a cut up eggbox. I started to cover it with papier mache. One thing I hadn’t expected that was how slow it was to dry. I didn’t have a clear idea of how it was going to look but just kept adding little bits now and again.

I had an idea of using lasagne sheets to make the sides and tagliatelle for the laces but was very unsure of how it would work. I wouldn’t recommend using pasta as a material because it is not easy to use. When softened with water it is very floppy, slippy and opaque. As it dries it shrinks, stiffens up and goes translucent, so I spent a lot of time fiddling and monitoring it. I was quite despondent as it developed, having spent quite a lot of time on it and not having a Plan B. However, when I fixed the last side, it suddenly fell into place and I quickly finished it off with Sculpy clay and rushed it off to photograph before it fell apart.





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