Jean De Brunhoff, Barbar book

sea sceneI initially spent quite a time trying to develop an underwater scene inspired by a drawing by Jean De Brunhoff but I couldn’t get the image to gell. I wanted it to be light hearted and playful but I couldn’t get it to work.buildings

Then I thought of another illustrator I liked, Piero Ventura and his intricate drawings of buildings. I worked off a photo I had taken of a particular viewpoint I like in my home town. I like the rising up of the buildings and also the mixture of old and new.blackwhiteblackwhitereverse

I really liked this technique, I have never come across it before and I enjoyed doing it and really liked the strong image it produced. I decided to think of it as a night scene and sao started with a dark sky. It was then fairly straight forward to decide which areas to put as dark, mainly doing the roofs as dark and the sides as dark, the windows being light. After I had finished I realised that the lines were still very visible and in the brief it said that they should all have gone. In order to deal with this I went back over the image with white gouache and black marker. This resulted in a much simpler image which worked even better. I then further refined it, altering some of the areas again, especially the areas in the foreground. I then realised that the focus of the image was the couple on the right hand side. To accentuate this I removed the person on the left and the cars. I then realised that the couple had morphed into a single rather wide person, but that was ok.


I tidied up the final image in photoshop to remove the faint marks and cuts still visible.blackwhite 1



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