My initial ideas were very much based on a scene involving fruit and veg, so for a while I was thinking about backgrounds and set ups. I bought felt and tissue paper in brown, green and blue, thinking about earth, grass and leaves. I also spent quite a lot of time thinking about what materials to make the models out of, thinking about the texture of the skins: smooth/glossy/ridged/matt/rough/soft/firm etc.

I decided to continue making the models with modelling clay, fabric was a possibility but I felt it would take me too long.


I made the vegetables out of modelling clay and after quite a lot of trial and error settled on an orange background and only 2 pieces, the blackberry and the squash. I had some leaves originally but the image worked better the simpler it was.modelsarmatures autumnfruit1


Things I learnt from this:

The faces were the most crucial area in order to make the image look appealing and cute. Even after I got the set up right the faces required a lot of going back over. One consequence of this was that the plasticene got dirty and pushed out of shape, it was easy to transfer colour by accident.

autumn fruit&Vegfinal


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