I was surprised how hard I found this. I struggled to think of many ideas and also felt that the ideas I was portraying were very cliched. In order to feel a bit more interested I thought of collaging ideas which I found much more fun. When I showed my drawings to another person they were able to understand the cliched drawings fairly easily, the collaged ones less so. There were 2 points I felt I picked up from this, firstly that the exercise was being done without any context, whereas usually there would be an accompanying text so that the most obvious, cliched idea would not actually be needed to help understanding. Secondly, doing the collaged drawings I realised that a lot can be expressed (or failed to be expressed!) by subtle postures and positions. If I was taking these drawings any further I would focus far more on getting the postures and expressions right.broken relationship 1broken relationship 2broken relationshipbroken relationship 5



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