After what I had learnt from the autumn vegetables I decided to make the summer berries out of oven drying clay. That way I could bake them hard, paint them and then have a better chance at remodelling the faces. I also took greater care over observing the fruit from life, to get the detail better.summer2

Thinking about my experiences with the autumn veg I tried out a simple set up with the fruit in a bowl of cream but wasn’t happy with it so went back to a more complex swimming pool idea. I did a finished version of this but then thought it looked too rough and I wanted the figures to be smaller in relation to the background. In order to achieve this I decided to redo the swiming pool. I made a bigger version and added blue ink to the gelatine to make the water a better colour.summer1

redoing the pool

redoing the pool



I was fairly happy with the finished version, (I had to dismantle the model straight away as I was using a pan which we use regularily!) if I could change it, I would slightly alter the composition, moving the strawberry away from the side, also making the blueberry’s legs a different colour.summer fruit&Vegfinal




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