There was quite a lot to respond to with this report!

Firstly I am having trouble with adjusting to different tutor / course requirements. In textiles everything went off in a little bag, my blog printed off. For illustration my tutor prefers everything on line. I have had to pay more attention to my online blog, making it more user friendly and also recover some posts which had disapeared.


I liked the idea of concentrating on the emotions and dramas, it had never occurred to me to do it that way.


I don’t post my photo references on line because I worry about copyright issues, instead they are printed out in the paper version of my blog

Mark making

It hadn’t occured to me to alter the scale of the drawing

Assignment 2

The brief

The main issue here was the fact that I had ignored the brief about focusing on “quality”. I hadn’t not read the brief properly, I had deliberately gone off in a different direction. My motivation for this was that I felt I would never do a brief of this sort in “real life”. However I also think I was “bottling out” a bit, from doing objective drawings. I intend to have another go at these.

I still think I would be very unlikely to do a really “straight” brief such as described here but I mustn’t avoid things either because I think I lack the skills.

Visual and technical skills

My tutor made a lot of suggestions to do with type, hierarchy and colour which I aim to look at.

My tutor commented that I was overprocessing the images on photoshop. Looking back on the images I had to agree, and the same was true for an earlier exercise (choosing content).

Sketchbooks and the process

the illustration process

the illustration process

This is a tricky one, in my working process I have developed over the years I have deliberately moved away from planning and developed a way of working intuitively. This was an issue in textiles when I didn’t want to follow a plan for my final piece. In the end I managed to find a way round the issue by building on sketchbook work which I then reintepreted in a fresh way for the finished piece.

Having just read the next section, I can see that the way illustrators work, producing visuals for clients to see which are then reproduced, essentially unchanged for the final image, is going to be difficult for me. Firstly I get bored very quickly, redoing a piece of work, prefering to refine it or take it a step further if redoing, secondly, I have no faith in working to a plan, all my successful work has grown organically from a series of experiments, trial and error.

I can see that I would benefit from not fixing on just one idea at the beginning but I am less sure of how to adapt to the idea of working to a plan.

my working process

my working process


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