Mark Gonzalez, The Gonz

I started reading about a famous skateboarder who also works as an artist. Now in his 40’s,  he is described as a founder figure in skateboarding. Now I know nothing about skateboarding, nor am I interested in it, but something intrigued me about him.  It seems t hat it wasn’t that he was the most acrobatic, powerful or skilful skateboarder, it was more about him and the way he was. He has a nonlinear,  ADHD sort of brain that makes him different from the majority of other people. Basically he just used his board everywhere, the original parkour, free running type of approach to skateboarding. He didn’t need the special ramps that you see in skateboard parks, he would use his board all the way to the park and every obstacle became part of the skating experience. So he would skate down steps, hand rails etc. now this is common, but he was the first to really do this. He also falls off his board a lot. The more I read about him the more impressed I was with his artistic rather than athletic credentials.

It is about continuously looking around you, using everything and anything, being continuously distracted, always pushing yourself beyond your own limits and often failing.

Michael Johannsson, Swedish artist

I came across this artist fairly recently in a magazine. He has described his work as making “real life Tetris”, installations of objects methodically and painstakingly packed together into neat, colour co-ordinated blocks. Intellectually I like the way he uses discarded objects, the fact that they are installed in doorways and other spaces and the way some are very large indeed.  Emotionally, however I find this work in particular, extremely satisfying. http://news.creativeleague.com/2009/12/michael-johansson


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