The process

I had lots of ideas for this and when I decided to do “making a cup of tea” quite early on decided to do the instructions in a tea towel format. I like tea towels as a source of useful information, they give chunks of information in a readily accessible, easy to refer to, to hand, source. I think they are an underused resource for people like me.  I personally have found this tea towel on types of coffee very helpful.

coffee tea towel

coffee tea towel

I based my instructions on giving instructions to my children on how to make tea for their grandmother when she visits each Sunday at 4 o clock. (She is referred to as “ G.Ma” as this is how she appears on the calendar)  Despite a decent, respectable upbringing my 3 teenagers do not drink tea and so are clueless how to set about it. I thought about 2 versions of this, the first as simple as possible, the second with my “voice” in the background making comments, but in the end I left it simple.

making tea 1

making tea 5making tea 6makingtea


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