The next stage was to do a similar exercise with a sketchbook. I found using the Lshaped bits of card and juggling the sketch book, difficult in a rather dirty crowded space. I went back to the photos I had previously taken and played with the format of the image using them. I looked at square, tall thin, long thin and circular formats.workshop 3workshop 4workshop 5workshop 6

I also decided to explore the surface of the objects themselves. I made a sketch using the silhouettes of the objects and also took a variety of rubbings. The workbench itself had a rich surface and the hammer made a very sharp rubbing.workshop 9

workbench surface

workbench surface

Lastly I explored the idea of spelling out the word “workshop” using tools.workshop

In doing this exercise and trying to decide on an image to use, I started to think about my viewpoint.  One viewpoint was the artistic viewpoint, the shapes and textures, or the more dramatic angles. I was very attracted to these images but it was hard to see how they would convey the concept of a workshop to another person, without some other clues. In fact they often suggested a narrative, for example, looking from above suggested a little old man, bent over the bench. So I thought about my personal viewpoint of the workshop and what it meant to me. I decided it was the dustiness, the reusing of old containers, the worn nature of old tools with all the marks and stains of time, but also a comforting, stable place, where things were fixed or made, also where the passage of time is not noted. For that reason I chose the circular image, straight on as it seemed to show these things.

Even though I ended up choosing the most straight forward of viewpoints, I would not have considered a circular format without the other experiments and I found the deliberate changes in format and viewpoint stimulating in itself, helping clarify my thoughts.workshop 14


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