clientvis 3

image by Herb Tauss

The first illustration I chose was from a collection of 60’s illustrations “LIfestyle illustration of the 60’s”. I chose an illustration by Herb Tauss in 1964. I like his work because he has a very “graphic style”, pared down with strong diagonals. In the book the illustration is 20.5 x 15cm so I scaled it up to 51.25 x 37.5cm. It was already a simple image but I was able to simplify it further.clvis1clvis11


image from Okinawa Campaign Poster

The second image I chose was from a Japanese advert using little model figures (ANA Okinawa Campaign Poster, from the book “Japanese Graphics Now!”).clientvis 2clientvis 4

The third image I chose was from a version of Cinderella illustrated by Gordon Laite.

clientvis 1

Image by Gordon Laite

When I looked back at the images I noticed I had missed the significance of a series of ellipses within the composition of the image by Gordon Laite. The elliptical surfaces of the 2 tables, the plates, saucers, the fruit bowl and the chair back,  are mirrorred within the figures, their dresses, sleeves, hair and faces.clvis21clvis2

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