I was inspired to do this from a book we had lying around at home, Agatha Christie’s “Death in the Clouds”. The edition I found was published in the 1960’s.  I decided my brief was to do an updated version. I found a couple of more current versions of Agatha Christie novels and modelled the mock up on these, trying to keep to the house style. One of the books I found had pictures of the front covers of other titles too which was helpful in making the design. Fortunately I didn’t notice their version till the end as it would have been hard to not be influenced by it.

1960's version

1960’s version

According to the house style, the design needed to be simple and stylised. I wanted it also to reflect the 1950’s era when it was set, as I think part of the appeal of her books in today’s market is a nostalgic one. Although she wrote them as contemporary pieces, now they are very much period pieces.

updated covers

updated covers

Technical issues

I took all the dimensions and measurements from the library book. This is one of the easier bits of making a mock up although it is always a surprise how much extraneous stuff is shoved on the back cover.

I found it made the job easier but is was also a bit tedious, for example copying the long list of other titles.

The final problem I had was that my printer printed the colours in a much more toned down version than the one on my screen. If I was doing a professional presentation I would have to get the mock up printed professionally in order to get round this

One thing I didn’t get grips with was creating a texture for the letters. I made various attempts, but couldn’t get it right, this is something I will have to come back to.mockup 3

current covers

current covers

Final thoughts

Overall I was only moderately pleased with the end result. When I saw the actual version the publishers produced, the illustrator had focused on the image of the wasp. It struck me that both visually and from the plot of the book this was a much better interpretation than mine. I had got caught up in the idea of air travel in the 1950’s and went down that route.mockupAChristiefinal


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