Redoing “Death in the clouds”

I had not been that satisfied with my illustration for “Death In The Clouds”, both as an illustration but also because I wished I’d put the wasp in the illustration as wasps have a lot going for them visually.

To do something completely different I decided to make the cover from textiles. This time I looked specifically at previous covers for Death in the Clouds. I was afraid to look at them the first time, that it would block my own creative process. This time I did my version of the cover with the wasp. Interestingly, I feel that in making my version, it became something new anyway, so maybe I shouldn’t have worried, and just looked anyway.pieces of image

I knew what components I wanted in this version, a cup and spoon, a wasp and clouds. I didn’t draw out anything, instead I made a fabric wasp and drew a cup, spoon and cloud onto a white linen table napkin. I also scanned in a blue fabric as a backdrop. I wanted to experiment by moving the pieces around, rather than by drawing them out.remakeAChristie1

remakeAChristie2 remakeAChristiecloudremakeAChristiecloud2I hit on a version that I thought worked best but when I then transferrred it to the larger mock up version I ran into fresh problems, the text was not very readable against the background. To solve this I used more clouds as background but I think it might have been better to alter the background fabric to a deeper in colour, less textured fabric, and then simplified the image with less cloud.



Overall I much preferrred my fabric version to my earlier drawn version. I especially liked the wasp.

favourite vers

favourite version


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