Ever since my son visited a coal mine while at primary school I had wanted to go to the National Coal Mining Museum myself, so this seemed an ideal opportunity. One of the problems for the brief was that although there was a section with exhibits in displays, the real exhibit was the mine itself and the experience of going down into it. On top of this, the mine is very strict about what you are allowed to take down there, mobiles and cameras were all confiscated at the top, so there were no photo opportunities once on the tour.

After leaving the mine I made a list of my impressions, this would have to serve as my group of “exhibits”. I grouped the impressions into age groups as suggested.


I collected quite a lot of material from the museum shop. I was particularly struck by some of the images. There was a collection of photographs produced by Harold White in the 1950’s which are wonderful and if this was a graphics assignment rather than an illustration one, I would be thinking about using a selection of these.

In addition there was a book of drawings by a miner Tom Lamb which gives a very vivid  impression of life as a miner. Finally there were some cards produced by an artist David Wilders. He has used linocut, mono print and ?pastel to produce a variety of images.museum 1museum 2museum


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