Final images

I redid the wax / stain images, the ideas behind each object was as follows:

Adult postermuseumadult1

The Davy lamp is something that older people would recognise and associate with recent history, aiming to draw them in with nostalgia.

Children’s postermuseumchild1

The pit pony was a non threatening, fun side of what is literally a rather dark, potentially dangerous experience.

Teenager’s postermuseumteenager1

I used the chip in conjunction with phrases unique to the miners. I wanted to intrigue the teenage audience so that they wondered what the chip was for, and were drawn in by the idea of a crew with it’s own language and nicknames and a strong camaraderie, rather like a group of teenagers.


I printed off my posters and showed them to my focus group (including a teenager). They made the following comments:

the logo which I had cut and pasted from the actual museum needed to be a little bit larger,

neither of my audience could identify the pit pony as a pony until I told them what it was,

the teenager didn’t like the font I had used on his poster, he felt that it should look slightly more old fashioned, also I hadn’t positioned the lettering very well. He liked the concept however.

Final poster for teenager

Final poster for teenager

Final poster for child

Final poster for child

Final adult poster

Final adult poster


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