Issue 1 Communication.

I still haven’t cracked fully how I communicate with my tutor. I forgot to put one of my exercises online and I am a bit lazy about how much I put on my blog. She suggests sending pdfs of stuff to supplement my online blog which I can see as a good idea. One issue though, when I look back at my blog I can see that there is at times a big leap from the thumbnails to the final pieces but I am not sure where this work is. Is it in my head? Is it in the 20 different versions of Illustrator files that I have automatically updated as I go along? I’m trying to document my process more but it still seems to slip through my fingers a bit. I can certainly try and save more digital versions as I go along.

Issue 2 Embrace your own style

This was really nice to hear but also surprising. I still think of my drawing as “not good enough”, so being told not to tighten up was really nice but scary. I can see I am still trying to shake off my perception that proper illustrators are really good draughtsman and that I am just winging it, trying not to get found out.

I have restarted a visual diary which I have done in the past, however my rationale has altered. Before I kept a diary as a way of “improving my drawing skills”. This time I am seeing it as a way to explore ways of communicating an event or emotion, visually.resptut


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