I found the covers of the books on animals generally uninspiring. I found they fell into the category of numerous photographs of animals arranged on the front cover or a single animal image. At the younger age group of the market, there were a few with cartoon like images and finally there were the infographics type for older readers.

I liked the work of one illustrator/ graphic designer, Steve Jenkins, however and I decided to do my own version of his work.

Idea 1animalanimals1.2animals1

Final image 1

Final image 1

I didn’t think I could reproduce quite the immaculate style of Steve Jenkins but I scanned in fabric to assemble an image as a collage.

I used silhouettes of the animals again with fabric scanned in as background.

Idea 2

My second idea was to use the neck of a giraffe. I used stains on fabric to get the marksidea1.1.idea2giraffe

final image 2

final image 2

Idea 3

My third idea was to use models. I thought it unlikely that I would be able to produce very accurate 3D models so I concentrated on trying to get the essence of the animals, I started with cocktail sticks and packaging and progressed to pipe cleaners. I did some other animals but they weren’t very successful so I ended up with just the giraffe. I cut Africa out of cardboard. When I set it up for a photo it looked too rough so I ended up using the cut out shape as a stencil to spray through.idea3giraffe3 animals3.2

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