It took me a long time to get going on this Assignment. One of the reasons is I find it hard to get inspired by anything that doesn’t interest me personally. I eventually came up with the idea of dementia as a topic which I thought could fit with the word “Lost”. I had read an article describing dementia as death by a gradual rubbing out which had really stuck in my mind, so I thought the brief could be an article about dementia titled as “Lost, or living in the moment”.lostlost 18


I had various ideas which were centred around a central figure (looking lost) and being surrounded by everyday objects.

lost 17

Idea 1

Idea 1) LOST spelled out with kitchen utensilslostversion

lost 22

Idea 2

Idea 2) a minature figure (inspired by the idea of Mrs Pepperpot) on a gingham tablecloth with a giant teapot etc. I could have done this by setting up a 3d model.

lost 24

Idea 3

Idea 3) a line drawing on a piece of cloth of the lost figure, the everyday objects. Then drops of wax applied and then stains. The idea being that the image would have blank areas that would represent the areas of memory loss.

Final idea

I started by making drawings of everyday objects and then thought about how to represent them, maybe in a distorted way to appear ?sinister, ?threatening or ?unfamiliar.

lost 1

Stages to final image


stages to final image

lost 25

rubbings on textiles


initial rubbings


altering background


stages to final image


stages to final image

I made some rubbings and started to place them on an image. Experimented with rubbings on black fabric but it was technically quite hard to do. I experimented on the computer with a dark background.

Final thoughts

lost 2

trying to get the image right

lost 3

trying to get image right

lost 4

trying to get the image right

I ended up finding this Assignment quite satisfying. Although I prefer more light hearted images, I spent a long time experimenting to get the images right. Although this was very time consuming, with a high failure rate, and even now I could go back and make more changes, I really enjoyed developing a new way of creating an image using a technique (rubbing) which I had always enjoyed but never actually used in this way before. The most difficult image to get right was the image of the old lady. I originally started with a full length rubbing but it was hard to get the subtlety of the expression. I changed tack, using a rubbing of a woman’s head and shoulders. Even this took a lot of versions before I made a larger version which gave me even more control. One issue was that reversing the image by using black background with white lines had the effect of a photo negative – a person just looks weird. It took quite a bit of experimentation to make the lady look like human not an alien.


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