My first ideas concerned incorporating the words into images of each city. I had 3 ideas, firstly incorporating the word into an image of the skyline, secondly running the letters across the bottom using an iconic image within the letters, such as a mosque in “Istanbul”. Thirdly I looked at incorporating the letters into an aerial view.travel guides 1

I collected some images for each city. It soon became clear that the aerial view was a non starter. The skyline image could have worked for Istanbul and Helsinki which both have waterfronts but was less obvious for Milan. In the end I was drawn to some different images which I could imagine the words incorporated into.travel guides 9


I found that most guide books used photographs, however it was only at a much later stage that I thought of hand drawn city maps which I actually really like and would have liked to have a go at. By that time however I had spent too long working on the exercise already to change tack. It is really annoying to think of a more interesting solution so late in the day.

SUCESSS : ProcessDSCN1497

experimenting with rubbings

experimenting with rubbings

I really enjoyed the process of making the imagery for this exercise. I experimented with all sorts of rubbing techniques including using glue, cutting into paper and using graphite, oil pastels and ordinary pastels. I’m really glad I did this experimentation and I am keen to try more image making using these techniques, however….Helsinki4Istanbul3Milan4

FAILURE: Client visuals

unfortunately I got rather carried away with the process and at the end of the day I don’t think the images quite work in terms of the brief.

I produced 3 client visuals, putting the images on a fabric backdrop, with the main image with the lettering and other illustrations scattered as postcards. At the end of the day I felt quite dissatisfied with the visuals. If I had been doing this for a real client I would have used these visuals as one option but then also had to go back to work on a completely different option.

I thought the Milan and Istanbul covers worked better than the Helsinki one.

Client visuals

Client visuals

client visuals

client visuals

client visuals

client visuals


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