My initial research was from a Japanese Graphics book. I liked the quirky, animal based ones. I then bought a selection of packets that caught my eye. Right from the start I knew I wanted to make the packet itself into the animal, rather than do an illustration on the packet.

I took my inspiration by choosing 3 different animals that had a distinct body shape.


I played around with the idea of 3D shapes in my sketch bookpackaging 4packaging 5packaging 6

The Mammoth

I took the shape inspiration from a stuffing box, which had a curved top. In the end I didn’t use a curve in the design, but I used the opened up packet to kick start the first version of a net. I  refined the design by making net after net then scaling up the net to a biscuit packet size.packaging 8packaging 9


I used a sweet box as the starting point for a net for this one. However, when opened out it had a very long shape and after a while I made changes to how the net was formed. I used the same method as previously, a process of trial and error, continually making new nets to refine the design and finally scaling up.steggie 1steggie 4steggie 3

Tyrannosaurous Rex

The shape of this box took the most thinking about. I wanted to make a different shape from the previous two. I settled on a pyramid shape which I couldn’t find in a packet but I saw in a fancy teabag. Once I decided on the shape I used a triangular grid rather than a square grid, and spent some time fitting the dinosaur into the triangular shapetrex 2trex 4

Mock ups.DSCN1563DSCN1564DSCN1562mammoth3mammoth2

I took the mammoth mock up to the final stage, putting the net onto the computer. I then painted the shaggy coat onto paper and scanned that in.

I used hand lettering for the packet.mammoth1


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